VBXE - VideoBoard XE - graphics card for 8bit Atari computers


VBXE project was started in 2005 by Tomasz PiĂłrek (Electron/TQA), and first public annoucment was made in March of 2006. It was far from where the project is now, but it was beggining

First 20 boards were manufactured in 2008 and this was it. That time i could not afford such expansion, but I knew one day i"ll contribute to it one way or another ;)

A year has passed, and I had a little more money to get involved, but I found out, that VBXE project is at stall, and Electron is unable to make any new boards since Video DAC chip used in first version was now obsolete.

After short mail exchange We decided to design V2 of VBXE, this time with Video DAC that will not become obsolete in a year, and change microcontroller responsible for FPGA core managment functions from PIC to ATMega48. That required me to write the code for MCU, but allowed to shorten core loading time from 6.5s to 150ms - PIC lovers should start chainging their religion ;)

VBXE v1.0
VBXE v1.0 board

Project continued for another few months when i was assembling 60 units preordered on AtariAge forum, and finnishing the firmware for ATMega chip - now I can finally say I"ve contributed something to popularity of this board - and besides! thanks to this board i"ve got the job as PCB designer ;) So it was rewarding after all ;)

Thats was the story, now for some facts:

  • RGB output providing crisp clear picture using LCD TV or RGB monitor
  • up to 1024 colors on screen from 21 bit palette
  • graphics resolution up to 640x480i (640x240p) in 64 colours, 320x240p in 1024 colours, and 160x240p in 1024
  • true 80 char mode for text display
  • blitter with 7 modes of operations capable of zooming displayed data, transparancy, collision detection and many other features
  • full downward compatible with GTIA chip
  • and many, many more

If You need some more visual presentation of VBXE capabilites, search YouTube(tm) for VBXE

VBXE2 board

If You would rather see how this works by Yourself, there is Altirra emulator that will enable You to run programs made especially for VBXE


Current release:
VBXE Core pack v1.26
VBXE Programmer"s manual v1.26
VBXE Programmer"s examples v1.26
Older release:
VBXE Core pack v1.24
VBXE Programmer"s manual v1.24
VBXE Programmer"s examples v1.24

and as always
VBXE Installation guide