SIC! Cartridge

Super Inexpensive Cartridge
an overnight project

One of my friends asked me if I could design a PCB for him - he wanted a multipurpose flash cartridge that could be flashed with some games and had menu to select one from. I told him I can do the pcb design, but I won't write a loader for it, so he has to find for that someone else

He came up with schematics with some design flaws, so I"ve redo whole thing. He wanted it to be cheap, but on the same time had objections agains using SMT parts - result is shown on the right.

After some time Piotr Wiśniewski (PrObe) wrote loader and small command line ultility that enabled end user to put his own xex files onto cartridge image.

Project was at stall - it was far from user-friendly application one could expect in 2011. What we need was a GUI-based application that would hide all the hard work involved in generating a proper cartridge image that could be flashed into this on Atari.

Avery Lee, author of Altirra emulator has added support for such images, so I had all things I need for rapid development already.

I wanted to motivate PrObe to finnish what he started, and my approach to motivating someone is to show one how simple given task is, so I"ve build my menu around his loader, and then wrote SicGen - a windows drag"n"drop style application that allowed to make ready for use flash image.

Konrad Kokoszkiewicz wrote flash utility, so I had my excuse to learn something about ATR files and Atari filesystem - an ATR support was added to the SicGen.

It did what it suppose to - provided easy way of creating bootable, ready for use ATR files for Atari that allowed users to flash their cartridges, plus PrObe finally came with full blown command line menu maker, and Bartosz Trybus wrote GUI around it.


• Sebastian Bartkowicz (Candle'O'Sin) (hardware design, programming) •
• Piotr Wiśniewski (PrObe) (loader, command line tools, scalable menu) •
• Bartosz Trybus (Trub) (Sic-Gui front-end for PrObe's command tools, programming) •
• Konrad Kokoszkiewicz (Drac030) (Image flasher, image dumper) •
• Łukasz Sychowicz (X-Ray) (Menu music) •
• Adam Powroźnik (Ooz) (Graphics artist) •
• Daniel Koźmiński (Dely) (Homepage design, cartridge sticker) •

and finally

• Marcin Wojciechowski (Stryker) •
(Project co-ordinator, bringing acronym PITA to whole new dimension)

Downloads & Links:

SicGen utility
SIC Cartridge schematics
GAL equations
SIC menu 6502 assembly sources
SIC Cartridge official page