The Software

It was written in Borland C++ Builder, and its far from being perfect - well.. i don"t know c++, i"m a assembly programmer, so excuse me :)

Anyway, it has willem-like visual interface, all program icons were drawn by Vidol - Atari XE graphics artist - big thanks for them.
I/O functions are realized by IO.dll by Fred Bulback and thaks for it it is possible to run this software under Windows XP, or even Vista.

I won"t list out every possible device that this programmer will read or write - this is pointless and its not a contest for me. To name a few it will read ST Micro 25Pxxx 45Pxxx, Micronix MX25Lxxxx, PMC Pm25LVxxx, Atmel 25Fxx 25DFxx and many others. I"ll add support for other devices when i get them in my hands.

This is still preliminary version, some problems may surface, so please - if You have any comment, or want to ask about supporting any particulary device - contact me!