History of project

Version 1.81:

Added support for ESMT devices (thanks to Salah Elsayed), corrected some capacity errors with Eon (again..) and Spansion devices

Version 1.8:

Added support for Spansion devices, extended diagnostics for file operations, corrected capacity report for Eon devices

Version 1.71:

Extended support for Eon devices - still experimental, need some chips to test it - please DO HELP!

Version 1.7:

Added support for SST 25LV/VF device families and extended support for Macronix MX25Lxxx devices up to MX25L12805
This was ony possible because of Duke Fawks, who send me the chips to work with - THANKS MON!

SST devices may seems to program slower than others - but belive me - this is "fast" mode, compared to their normal operating speed

Version 1.6:

Added Lock Bit editor window, corrected program layout so it now can be run at any resolution and dpi settings of your desktops

Version 1.5:

Speed improvements for spi code, minor changes in menu

Version 1.4:

Device families added: Winbond W25Xxx, W25Qxx

Version 1.3:

Bug fixed "hardware not present" in Help->Test Hardware menu, little issues with program going into neverending loop when programming without chip inserted (time out added)

Version 1.2:

Device families added: Amic A25Lxx, Eon EN25Pxx, EN25Bxx, EN25Dxx, EN25Fxx

Version 1.0:

First Release, tested with ST and PM spi flash families