The SimpleStereo Board - an ATARI XE/XL upgrade

Back in 2003 i"ve designed simple board for stereo upgrade of my Atari XE computer
It was very basic one - just 2 pokey chips, "decoding logic" consisting of one transistor (bf245) 2 resistors, and two caps for decoupling audio output.
Main advantage of this design ovevr those popular in that time was that no harm was done to pokey chips, and all could be disassembled from host machine with screwdriver (mainly for takin enclosure apart, rather than doing something with the board), plus it didn"t occupied too much space - 1.4x2 inches - close to what two dip-40 devices occupy

 SimpleStereo board, version 1SimpleStereo upgrade v.1

At the end of 2008 kind of contest took place, not formal one though...
Simple board was presented to the public based on schematics of COVOX device for ATARI - board was big, bulky one could say, and consisting of five ttl logic chips in TH (through-hole) packages plus bunch (64 to be exact) of resistors - also TH
You can imagine how big the board was
There was pressure on the author of this board to make it SMT in order to reduce its size, and he did it.
But i"ve started to wonder - would it be possible to put COVOX on my board without changing its dimensions?
Maybe something more will fit in?

This project is about what come from those thoughts...

SimpleStereo project photo gallery